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Encouraging Artistic Cooperation

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2 deviants said Birth of the Moonlight GoddessThe date had gone well.
She wore her prettiest purple coat, the one her sister had given her, brand new and pressed clean.
He picked her up at the right time, and he kissed her during the movie.
Afterwards, they wandered for hours through the city streets, gazing up at the pitch black sky.
I'm so happy right now, he said.
I feel so… alive.
She had nodded.
She wore her prettiest purple coat, the one her sister had given her - her sister loved purple and pink.
Five years old, bouncing on the bed, her sister grabbed the puffy dress-up dress they shared.
I get to be the princess!
Four years old, cross-legged and still, she pulled up the crinkled white sheet and wrapped it around her shoulders.
I get to be the goddess.
It worked for both of them.
I feel so alive, he said.
You're beautiful.
You, in that coat.
You're so beautiful and alive.

His arms were inside her coat, wrapped around her waist, and she looked over his shoulder.
The sky wasn't p
inspired by Birth of the Moonlight Goddess by Antony-Hell
2 deviants said A Middle Age SingletonThe princesses are rescuing themselves now. All the handsome knights are gay. What's a man to do?
Oh, great. The last dragon in the world just got slain.
That does it! I'm moving to another century.
Huh? What's a MySpace?
inspired by Princess Saves Self Stamp by Mirz123
1 deviant said flower foldsSeeing it,
her eyes gently
inspired by Love makes pretty things... by Charmed-Ravenclaw
1 deviant said Samson Phoenix by Goldenwolf inspired by
1 deviant said San Francisco n'existe plus (prose) +AUDIO by Wordeea inspired by In the streets of San Fran by SylveryFox
1 deviant said inspired by Test tube mermaid by Detkef
1 deviant said Rainier (Pollinated)When asked what I see,
It's rather easy to be
Literal, analytical,
Not at all sensational
But when I speak what I observe,
The ball's now thrown with a curve,
A city becomes atmosphere,
With smog and towers far and near
So truly, is it much surprise
A sunset (or perhaps sunrise)
Creates such powerful imagery
Beyond what the eyes chose to see
A mountain reminds of friends gone by,
A forest speaks of epochs passed
A lake reflecting wonderfully
Missing only a sailboat's mast
The picturesque is peaceful,
That calm continues on
It warms my heart to know today
Not all the world's beauty is gone.
inspired by Dusk on Rainier by Jordan-Roberts
No deviants said ShadowFox
She has the courage to fight fate,
to stay strong through lies and hate.
No tears will fall from her eyes,
hidden beneath her beautiful mask of disguise.
A quiet lonely fox in a forest of trees,
shadows darkening all that it sees.
With hair black as freshest ash,
waist bound by a thick leather sash.
Head draped with bands of beads,
with intricate patterns only a mother can weave.
Gazes follow her as she slowly strides,
she will do anything for the future of her tribe.
This time she will not escape,
not another failed marriage left in her wake.
The tribe leader has picked her and her alone,
to marry his son and be heir to the throne.
How she wanted to turn a deaf ear,
the  end of her childhood was so very near.
Not a gaze that peered at her could see the despair,
no one near or far even seemed to care.
Her bright Shadowfox will return within,
the darkest chapter of her life is about to begin.
inspired by Sun and Moon by Radittz
No deviants said Cheated Hearts by AllynDupe by Xx-Angel-Sherubii-xX inspired by Cheated Hearts - ICheated by the opposite of love...
The solidity in her eyes is making me feel naked.
It seems as though her pupils, rock hard and perhaps storing of endless knowledge, are burrowing through my skin like screws. I am bare and exposed; my emotions hanging out on the line to dry in the gentle summer breeze.
Perhaps her eyes are so frighteningly probing, because they once swung hate my way, like a punch to the jaw, with each glance she tossed. Perhaps they are hiding some sort of mind blowing scar that I can only predict and never really understand.
It could be neither of these things, but all I know is that somewhere along the timeline of a few weeks, something changed. Something that seemed before unchangeable, a storm that had been raging for centuries.
It was me and my friends against her and her's. Typical scenario, and it made my life very normal. Everyone has their enemies. It felt as though our ancestors and our ancestors predecessors had fought the same battle, generation a
No deviants said KouKou, Fly on The Wall by AllynDupe by Xx-Angel-Sherubii-xX inspired by

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