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Encouraging Artistic Cooperation

Vote For Your Favorite Allied Artwork Submitted to the Featured Folder! (Voting Ends August 3rd!) 

6 deviants said based on Pencil Vs Camera - 57 by BenHeine
2 deviants said Phoenix - Commission by smilinweapon based on
2 deviants said :thumb317231653: based on The Arrival by AeternusVotum
1 deviant said Losing my Head for the SummerI am wildflower,
a flame azalea drawing
its roots up from the asphalt -
an ox-eyed daisy,
ox-blood and whirling,
hair like the tops of cogon grass
caught in a
westward wind.
My head will come back to me
in September,
chased by the tornadoes
from across the Plains;
it will catch me up in time
for hurricane season
when I will don my hat again
to keep my head from spinning
and to ward off further freckling.
based on :thumb126932775:
1 deviant said Summer Bloom
An iris smiles.
Her lovely purple face glows--
a face of beauty.
based on Delicate Folding by FinalLegacy1
1 deviant said Urevagen Peninsula Map by Januairie based on The Campfire Stories - ProloguePrologue~
The Universe is a complicated place, filled with countless abnormalities that no one can be prepared for.  To live one's life trying to avoid death is pure folly, because in the end they never live.  Life is about companionship, experiences both good and bad, and the continuation of generations.  
Across this great planet there are many wondrous sights to behold both simple and grand.  On the Urevagen Peninsula, there is a convergence of many species that have populated the world.  You see, the Peninsula wasn't always a peninsula; it was an island.  I lived upon it for many years, until it formed with the mainland, providing entry to all the world.  For now, I just want to tell you a little about some of those species.
The Humes, a complex race that populate certain regions of the planet, also follow the simple, yet overarching role of life.  However, compared to other primitive beings, Humes tend to get more out of life, despite their rough surroundings.  They stay toget
No deviants said Samson by GraphicManga based on
No deviants said Apex Predator by Keira-Bui based on
No deviants said Born Too Early - Gone Too Far by afterthelastday based on .Cruel Summer. by BellumX
No deviants said :thumb317092970: based on Of dreams and nightmares by Taiyo85

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